Landscape Products FAQ

Are you open to the public?


  • Yes, hours vary by season and can be found below. We always recommend calling ahead during inclement weather.

How much material can I fit in my vehicle?

  • Decorative rock is sold by the ton (2000lbs), refer to your vehicle’s recommendations for weight restrictions.
  • Soils and compost can be purchased by the cubic yard and are approximately 1 ton to 1.35 tons per CY
  • Mulch is also sold by the cubic yard and is approximately 600-800 lbs. per cubic yard depending on moisture. One cubic yard of mulch is equivalent to roughly one heaping bathtub full of material.

Do you deliver materials and how does the delivery process work?

  • Bulk materials are delivered at a flat rate delivery fee depending on your location. Flat rate deliveries can accommodate up to 15 tons or 15 cubic yards of material. We also offer split load deliveries for up to two materials in one load. Split load deliveries are subject to an additional $20 delivery fee and can deliver up to 5 tons or cubic yards of one material and 8 tons or cubic yards of another.
  • We also offer delivery for palletized material and boulders with equipment to unload on site. Deliveries with equipment to unload are charged at an hourly rate. The time for delivery begins when the truck leaves the yard and ends when it returns.

Is there a minimum amount of material I need to order?

  • You can pick up any amount of material you would like. We require a $5.00 minimum purchase on pickups, and a minimum of one ton or one cubic yard for deliveries.

How much material do I need to cover my area?

  • Refer to the Material Calculator on our website to calculate the amount of material to cover your area.

Am I able to come to the yard and view material in person?

  • Yes, we encourage customers to view the material in person. Pictures often don’t represent colors well. Additionally, boulders, random natural flagstone, wall rock and strip stone must be selected and tagged in person.

Do you provide any installation services?

  • We do not offer installation services.

Can I order material over the phone without coming into the yard?

  • We are happy to place orders and setup delivery over the phone. We always encourage customers to view the material in person before deciding on a product. Boulders, wall rock, random natural flagstone and strip stone must be selected in person.

Do you deliver to my area?

  • We can deliver material anywhere in Colorado. Delivery fees will vary based on your location. Please call to find out what our delivery fees are.

What materials are sold by the yard vs ton?

  • Mulch, soils and composts are sold by Cubic Yard and are measured by the loader bucket. Aggregates, flagstone, boulders, and wall rock are sold by the ton (2000 lbs.).

How do I get charged for weighed materials?

  • Most weighed materials are charged by the exact weight in tons you receive. Final totals for deliveries are given once the material is weighed out for final delivery.

Do you have bagged materials or bulk only?

  • Most landscape materials are sold in bulk only, but you’re welcome to bring in bags, buckets, or other containers to load smaller quantities. We also sell 5-gallon buckets.

What payment types do you accept?

  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards. We also offer credit accounts for qualifying businesses with a completed and approved credit application.

What other materials do you sell for my landscaping project?

  • We also stock tools, weed barrier fabric, sealers, cleaners, landscape staples, and a variety of other products to complete your job.