About Colorado Materials

At Colorado Materials, Inc., we have been operating as a locally owned business since 1999. We are a leading supplier of landscape materials for Colorado and the front range.

Choose from our abundant stock and wide range of landscape materials. We believe you will be impressed with the consistency, quality and beauty of our many mulch, soil and natural stone products.

All of our landscape materials are carefully selected from the best sources. Our in-depth landscape experience and technical knowledge has enabled us to establish partnerships with prime suppliers who appreciate and share our passion for premium quality landscape materials.

NO surprises! You won’t find overly large chunks of bark, rocks, dirt, insects or other surprises mixed in our mulches. Our mulches will help with moisture retention and regulation of soil temperatures to protect roots.

Our topsoil and compost are processed to remove roots, larger size stones, and other foreign matter. We produce our own nutrient-rich compost on site from all natural materials with no artificial fillers. We process the compost through a proficient sifting machine, guaranteeing a consistent final product.

Build attractive patios, walkways and walls with our plentiful selection of flag- stones and stripstones. Construct natural stone walls and borders, or add boulders for dramatic effects to highlight your landscape. Select from our assortment of decorative stone and gravel for use in xeriscaping, soil stabilization and drainage applications.

There is no better way to determine product superiority than to examine products in person. Our supply yard location (southeast corner of Boston Ave. and South Sunset St. in Longmont, CO) features a sample patio area where examples of completed projects and many individual products are displayed. This display area provides an opportunity to visualize the variety of textures, colors and sizes of each product.

We make delivery convenient for you. Our trucks are on the road from early morning until late in the day, including Saturdays during our busy season, so we can deliver your order on the day and time that is best for you. Our entire staff, from the person taking your order to the person who delivers it, works to ensure that all your landscape materials are delivered on schedule.

As a family owned company, we serve you, and we understand the value of exceptional customer service. We have earned our reputation for honesty and integrity by treating our customers as we want to be treated. Our growing number of repeat customers is the best testament to the success of our philosophy. Whether you’re a developer, architect, landscape contractor or homeowner, we invite you to experience the level of commitment we have to our customers and the services we provide.

We think you’ll see why Colorado Materials is your best value.